Brooke O'Connell

"Brooke recently completed a commission for my niece, Ryan's 11th birthday.  I can't tell you how incredibly stunned we are with Brooke's skill in capturing this happy moment.  She really understands how to portray the true spirit of the individual, and the natural beauty of horses.  If you seek a commission that will become a family treasure, Brooke will not disappoint.  We love it, thanks so much!" ~ Angie C.

"Our daughter, Claire, loves animals and, especially, close to her heart is Nico, a retired jumping horse she part-boards at a nearby stable.   When I visited Brooke’s show in Hamilton, recently, I knew, immediately I wanted to have her paint Nico, for Claire.  As expected, it was the perfect gift. 

Working with Brooke was a pleasure; she was professional, punctual, and kept us informed on progress, with photos.  The picture she was working from had Nico in a leather halter, but Brooke customized it to teal in order to match a halter Claire had bought for him.  She made the background nicer, as well.

The portrait was intended for Claire’s bedroom, but it hangs in our dining room, so everyone can see it, everyday.  We love it."  ~ Kevin S.

"I commissioned a painting by brooke for a Christmas present to my husband. I didn't leave her much time, but it came on time. It is too lovely for words. Photos do it no justice. It is the centerpiece of our home as well as a conversation piece; everybody asks about it. It will certainly be a family heirloom in the years to come. I have many paintings, by many artists, but this one stands alone. It is far above and beyond what I had hoped for. I might add, that her art is also affordable for normal working people, which is a must for me. I believe that everybody should be able to surround themselves with art. I couldn't thank her enough for her beautiful work." ~ Molly F.