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Magical Moments of a Horse Painter

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Hi! I thought I'd share some pics of the step by step process of my latest painting. I came across an image of a horse being bathed that immediately pulled at my heart strings.  It made me miss those little moments with my own horse that are part of the everyday, but that are so special. I knew immediately upon seeing the image that I wanted to paint it.  I also knew that attempting to paint water being sprayed would be quite the challenge.

The photo I referenced belongs to @cantering_hooves.  If you are on Instagram I suggest you look her up, she is a talented photographer who takes beautiful pictures!  I really appreciate that she allowed me to work from her photograph.








All in all, I am really happy with the result.  There's something about this moment and this horse that makes me want to reach up and pet him.  There's also something about it that I find a little magical... and that's a pretty great feeling!

Thanks for checking in, B

Saturday on the Artist Agenda

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Hello and happy Saturday!  Here's what's on my agenda today: image

I am pretty excited to have the whole day to myself.  I began the morning with a photoshoot of some new prints.  I just picked them up from the print shop last night and they look fantastic!

Next up on the agenda was tea.  Although I have always loved tea, this past spring I gave up coffee.  Let's just say it's been a bit of an adjustment -especially when your full time job is hanging out with 13 year olds all day :) .  Anyways, I have some fabulous green tea ready to go.

A little update to my blog, and all I have to do after that is pop my ipod into the dock and head into the studio.  I have a good chunk of time this afternoon, so I am really looking forward to submerging myself into my painting.

I hope you have some time for yourself today to do what you enjoy.  Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for checking in. If anyone else has recently given up coffee, let me know how you're doing!  B

Sunday in the Studio

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It's a bit gloomy here today, so instead of being outside I have been organizing my studio space and finishing up a new painting.

I've hung one of my grandmother's paintings above my desk.  I love love love this painting and feel like the heron watches over me as I work.  I also decided to display my horse paintings by stringing them up with clothespins.

This way I can take a look at this series as I go.

Here's what's been on my desk today:

Keeping with my horse and flowers theme, here's one with lilies of the valley.  My idea for this series has been to paint horses with different types of flowers.  I have been having fun playing with the scale and size of the flowers.  I can envision these horses being fairy horses, existing in different gardens among the fairies.  Must be the Irish coming out of me :)

Here's the latest finished piece:

Have a great weekend. B

Saturday painting with music, coffee, and memories of Bermuda

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Hi!  I've been away from my paints for a couple weeks now...but am happy to have a few hours to paint this morning.  Coffee, music, a little sunshine, and memories from my last adventure.

I am working on a small landscape based on one of my watercolour paintings from my trip to Bermuda.  As you can see, I've been working with a black ground.  I love how vibrant the colours are against the black.

Here are a couple other shots of the step by step.

It's getting there...but still have more work to do.  Hope you're having a great Saturday. B