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Artist Interview: Passions, Inpirations, Process

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Hi!  There have been some exciting things happening around here lately... one of which is that last weekend I was interviewed to be part of a video project called Burlington 52.  Each week the project highlights and shares some of the amazing things happening here in Burlington Ontario. My video is about how I got into the arts, my painting process, and my love of horses.

Here's a cool behind the scenes pic from the shoot:


Thanks to Marc from Burlington 52 for including me in this great project.  Be sure to check out to see the first 7 videos, and keep checking in to see what comes up next!

Cheers, B

Horse Painting Contest Winner

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Hi!  A couple months ago I held a contest on my Instagram account.  The prize was a custom painting based on a winner's horse photography.  Since I joined Instagram I have been amazed at what a cool community it is, and at how many awesome photographers there are out there.  It's been a great way for me to connect with fellow horse enthusiasts and artists.  I was really pleased about the number of entries that were submitted to my contest.  One picture caught my eye right away.  The photo belongs to Sophie Johnson a.k.a. @billiefilly, a young photographer who has a great eye and amazing skills. Here is her photo:


And here is my finished painting:


I am just about to ship out Sophie's painting and I hope she loves it!  I have decided to hold another custom horse portrait contest... so if you are a horse lover, be sure to check out my Instagram account and submit photos.  Have a great week! B

Weekend Painting

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Hi!  Here's a little 5"x5" painting I did this weekend.  It was kind of fun to work on something so small and to zone in on this horse's nose.  If you're a horse person you probably already appreciate your horse's nose... I felt it worthy of a little painting :). Have a great week and enjoy the weather!  B image