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New post/ New paintings

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Hi!  It's November already (which is crazy) and winter is around the corner.  I haven't posted in a while.... I have been wrapped up with school - but am super excited about the artwork my students are creating! I have to thank one of my students for inspiring me to get back to my blog and creating this update.  She has started her own blog where she plans to include some of her writing and artwork.  Here is her blog:

Pretty awesome!

Anyways,  I spent the majority of August painting like a madwoman and feeling my school schedule fast approaching.  You may have seen some of my previous posts with paintings from my road trip to Quebec.  Over the summer I managed to continue on with this series -bringing me to 17 or 18 paintings in total.  I am hoping to have an art show soon and am currently looking for a good location.

Here are some of them.  They are smaller in size -measuring 8"x 6" (which is quite small for me), but i really like them because they remind me of postcards.  The first 5 paintings are from Ile D'Orleans, a lovely little rural island just outside of Quebec.  The light was amazing and the colours were great.  Hope you like them.

This was a great little windmill we saw that was nestled into the countryside.

The painting below is a street scene from Quebec city.  It's not quite done...

The last two paintings are from scenes on the Saguenay River.  My friend and I took a 3 hour tour through the Saguenay Fjord.  It was beautiful.  I was shocked/amazed when our tour guide told us there are sharks in the water.  Hmmm....didn't think of that when we were kayaking with the whales on the St-Lawrence.  I did look into it once we got home and it turns out he wasn't lying.  There are sharks in the St-Lawrence.  Something to think about.  Cheers

More landscapes!

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Hello, here are a couple i have been working on.  Looking forward to having an art show so that these can be seen as a series.  I will keep you posted with the details as i finalize them.  I am thinking of January or February.

This painting is similar to one of my other field scenes from this trip.  They were located very close to each other and although they are similar, the colours have subtle coulour differences.  There is something amazing about browns and blues together.  I find  that i often catch myself in awe of this particular colour combination when i am driving and see landscapes of this colour.  This area located on the St-Lawrence sees all kinds of weather and i was amazed by the variety of cloud formations.  If only i had paid attention in grade 7 science class when we were studying them!

This spot was in Les Bergeronnes, past Tadoussac.  My friend Nicole and i camped right here and this was one of our views.  Memories of waking up to fresh misty and salty air, wild flowers, and singing birds fill my head when i think of this wonderful place.  This was definitely one of those places that makes you think -life is good - as you look around and take it all in!

Rural scenes

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Hi, here are a couple paintings i finished over the past week.  They're part of the Quebec series i have been working on.  The paintings in this series all measure           6" x 8".   The first is a barn we drove by on our way to Baie St-Paul - I loved the colours.  The second is a cute white house on Ile d'Orleans.  Hope you like them. Also, please keep checking out my new on-line store.  I have posted more work that is available.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are interested in a work that is not listed in the store.  Cheers, B



More from Quebec

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Here are some of the paintings I have been working on.   Despite trying to wrap up my Ireland series, I have been busy working on these little paintings from my trip to Quebec.  This first one is from a look out where we stopped on Ile d'Orleans.  We climbed up a big wood tower to see this amazing view.  The sun was shining through the clouds behind us and lit up the fields.  It was beautiful.



This painting is from a picture I took while driving alongside the St-Lawrence River towards Baie St-Paul.  The light seemed to make the wheat fields glow.


This painting is inspired by a lovely spot where I spent some time doing watercolours.  We had noticed the path by our campsite and decided to check it out before leaving the area to head back home.  After hiking a couple kilometers we found a clearing that took us down to the water.  The beach was beautiful and desolate.  Nicole went off to find a spot to read, and I sat and painted.  The fog rolled in and out, at times making it impossible to see 15 feet in front of me.   The air was salty and fresh, and the sun warmed my back as I painted.  The only sounds came from the birds and the waves crashing on the rocks.  It was an amazing experience.

These paintings all measure 6" x 8"

Cheers, B

Quebec Road Trip

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Hello hello, got to work last night and painted this little country scene.  After visiting Quebec city this summer, we continued on our journey and checked out Ile d'Orleans, which is a beautiful little rural island just outside of the city.  It takes about an hour to drive around the island, and  it 's full of artist studios and vegetable stands.  The views are spectacular and are peppered with charming French Canadian houses and farms.  Here is my first oil painting from the trip.  Hope you like it.

6" x 8"DSC03078

Quebec Road Trip

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Hi there! Just got back from a wonderful trip in Quebec!!  Actually, I am still here in Quebec enjoying the summer, but thought I would upload some images of the road trip I took with my good friend Nicole.   With some good tunes and snacks we left my folks' place at Lac Guidon and headed to Quebec city.  We spent a couple nights in a great hostel and explored the town.  Caught a free Cirque du Soleil show, took a guided ghost tour, bought fresh berries and cheese at the market, and much much more!  We headed North East following the St-Lawrence and stopped over in Baie St-Paul.  Stayed at a wonderful campsite overlooking the town.  Here is my painting of our view.

StPaul_72 DPI

Baie St-Paul is famous for it's artist community.  It's easy to understand why.  The landscape is amazing and the little town is full of galleries and wonderful little shops.  We spent a couple hours sitting on the beach relaxing.  Here is what I painted.



We continued along the St-Lawrence enjoying the rolling mountains and entranced by the lovely French Canadian houses and flowers.  Each town seemed to be more charming than the next.  We crossed the Saguenay River by ferry to get to Tadoussac.  Nicole and I got out of the car on the ferry to check out the view... and saw a whale!!!  It was definitely a first for both of us.  We had planned to go kayaking with the whales past Tadoussac, and so this sighting was very exciting!!

Our campsite in Les Bergeronnes was spectacular -right on the river surrounded by wild flowers.  Here was one of our views.



The air had a wonderful salty smell and the weather was amazing.  We went kayaking the following day.  Upon arrival at the tour location, we were given an hour long kayak course.  As we stood on the shoreline we could see whales about 50 feet away.  We were very excited!!  We put our wet suits on and brought our kayaks to the water.  We set out in a group of 6 people plus our guide.  Nicole and I shared a Kayak.  As soon as we paddled out of the little bay we began seeing porpoises.  It was really amazing.  We paddled further and soon we could see whales.  The water was fairly calm and we could hear the whales blowing water out of their spouts.  When the whales came towards us we would gather together in our kayaks and stop paddling.  It was an amazing experience being on the water calmly waiting, listening, and looking for the whales to pop up.  Our guide told us at one point that there had to be 100 porpoises around us.  The mink whales we saw were huge!  According to our guide, we only saw about 20% of their bodies.  We read later that the size of the average mink whales is equal to 2 buses + a car.  Pretty big!!!

That experience will be hard to top.  We loved our stay in Les Bergeronnes.  We took a trip into the Saguenay Fjord which was also quite impressive.  The last painting I have included is from our last day.  Before we packed up all of our camping gear we went to sit on the beach.  The beach had lovely huge red-orange boulders.  Nicole went off to read and I found a spot to sit and paint.  We spent over an hour on the beach watching the fog roll in and out.  It was amazing.  Here is my painting.


The white you see between the water and sky is fog.....I am still trying to figure out how to paint fog using watercolours.  Painting in these spots was really meditative and relaxing!!  I used salty St-Lawrence water to dilute my paints which I suppose ties the work to those places even more (hopefully the salt won't effect my paper too much).

Anyways, the trip was awesome.  If any of you are considering traveling to that area I would say GO Go GO!!  The people were great, the food fantastic, and the landscape was amazing!!