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Travelling pony... from Canada to Australia!

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Hi!  I recently completed a painting of an amazing little pony.  His name is Crunch and he belongs to @1itscrunchtime1 on Instagram.  If you're interested in all things equine, you should definitely take a look at this account.  Crunch and his buddy Lippy are both extremely well trained ponies.  They both pull a little cart, and are incredible little jumpers.  It's a great Instagram account! In case you missed the picture of Crunch on my easel, here he is:


My little Crunch painting is now ready for his long voyage.  In the next day or two he'll be travelling across a couple oceans to arrive in Australia.  This will be the first time one of my paintings finds a home in Australia.  I must say it's pretty exciting and really makes me appreciate the wonders of the internet and social media.  I never would have imagined that one of my paintings would makes it's way to such a far corner of the world.  It's pretty cool!  Hope you have a great weekend. B