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Mural painting

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Hi, thought i'd share some pictures of my latest project. For the past couple weeks i have been working on a mural project at my school. With the help of a dedicated group of grade 7 & 8 students, we began drawing the mural last week. I have to admit, i was just as excited to be drawing on the school walls with a sharpie as the students were. We felt quite rebellious! The theme is the wonder and magic of books. Different worlds are opened up to us through reading and learning. I like the idea of things coming to life out of the books.

This week we started painting - yay colour! It's been great hearing the students react every morning as they come into the school and see what what we've done.

Here are some pictures of my initial sketch:




The original mural was supposed to be done on a wall going up stairs. The black rectangles represent windows and a door.

Here are some pictures of the actual mural:





Very exciting! I'll keep you posted as we go.