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Bermuda Paintings

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Hi, I finally managed to scan all my watercolours from my trip.  Here they are:

This is a view of Warwick Beach, where the sand is pink from all the coral.  Large dark coloured rocks line the beach making it very dramatic.  It is a beautiful place.  I found the waves to be quite large and the undertow very strong.

This one is of John Smith's Bay, one of my favorite spots.  The water was beautiful and the waves weren't too strong.  I really liked this spot because you could see parrot fish swimming around.

Here's a painting of my bike!  The beach is St-Catherines, just outside of the Town of St-George.  It was a lovely spot.

This one was painted from a place called Turtle Bay.  It's a view of the houses and the lighthouse across the way.  I loved all the pastels and white roofs.

This view is of the cliffs along the South Shore by Spittal Pond.  As I painted, it got really stormy and I had to take shelter from thunder and lightning.  I sat on a stump under some trees for about an hour waiting for it to blow over.  Although it's clearly not good to be under trees during a lightning storm...i figured it was better than being exposed on steep cliffs.  : )

Shelley Bay is a great little beach with very calm waters - perfect for floating on your back.  The weather was beautiful and the clouds were amazing.

This is a view of Flatt's Village.  Lots of pastel coloured houses, boats, and people fishing off the docks.  I visited a wonderful aquarium there, where i was enthralled with a baby octopus and the young sea turtles.

That's all folks, hope you like my paintings.  B