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Back from Bermuda

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Hi there, just back from an amazing adventure in Bermuda.  This was solo expedition #2 and I had a great time!  Arrived on a beautiful Wednesday morning, came off the plane onto the tarmac (love that!), and was hit by the humidity. Oh the humidity!!

Flowers, palm trees, and butterflies everywhere.  Chickens and roosters running around all over the place.  It was great!

Buses went on strike just after i had bought a bus pass and had gone to the beach.  I found myself stranded at a bus stop after spending a few hours swimming.  Luckily, a nice woman who had come to tell people waiting at the bus stop that the buses had gone on strike, offered to give me a ride back to my B&B.

The next day i was off to rent a moped.  Wasn't sure I'd survive the week driving on the wrong side of the road- but somehow I did.

The water was amazing and i swam a few times daily.  Checked out a number of beaches all over the island and most of them were virtually empty!  It was paradise.

The people were warm and friendly, and i fell in love with all the brightly painted buildings.

I visited the Botanical Gardens, which were amazing.  Some of the trees and flowers blew me away.

I made friends with a local and had dinner with him a couple times.  Notice the's so hot and humid in Bermuda even the cats pant.

I ate some great food, managed to read 2 books, painted, meditated, and swam.  This was my view most days:

It was heaven.

One day I got caught in a downpour and was completely soaked.  Having nothing to loose i decided to go swimming in the rain.

After swimming for about an hour, i got out of the water and put on my wet clothes.  I headed to a little restaurant that was perched on a hill across the way.  I ordered a cup of coffee and tried to dry off.  The view was great so i pulled out my paints and got to work.  Here's the painting:

The sun did eventually come out.  Below was my view which includes my bike.

I painted 7 or 8 paintings in total.  I will post them asap.  If you are thinking of going to Bermuda...go!!  It's heaven on earth.

Hope you liked the pics.  Cheers, B