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Hi!  It's November already (which is crazy) and winter is around the corner.  I haven't posted in a while.... I have been wrapped up with school - but am super excited about the artwork my students are creating! I have to thank one of my students for inspiring me to get back to my blog and creating this update.  She has started her own blog where she plans to include some of her writing and artwork.  Here is her blog:

Pretty awesome!

Anyways,  I spent the majority of August painting like a madwoman and feeling my school schedule fast approaching.  You may have seen some of my previous posts with paintings from my road trip to Quebec.  Over the summer I managed to continue on with this series -bringing me to 17 or 18 paintings in total.  I am hoping to have an art show soon and am currently looking for a good location.

Here are some of them.  They are smaller in size -measuring 8"x 6" (which is quite small for me), but i really like them because they remind me of postcards.  The first 5 paintings are from Ile D'Orleans, a lovely little rural island just outside of Quebec.  The light was amazing and the colours were great.  Hope you like them.

This was a great little windmill we saw that was nestled into the countryside.

The painting below is a street scene from Quebec city.  It's not quite done...

The last two paintings are from scenes on the Saguenay River.  My friend and I took a 3 hour tour through the Saguenay Fjord.  It was beautiful.  I was shocked/amazed when our tour guide told us there are sharks in the water.  Hmmm....didn't think of that when we were kayaking with the whales on the St-Lawrence.  I did look into it once we got home and it turns out he wasn't lying.  There are sharks in the St-Lawrence.  Something to think about.  Cheers