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More landscapes!

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Hello, here are a couple i have been working on.  Looking forward to having an art show so that these can be seen as a series.  I will keep you posted with the details as i finalize them.  I am thinking of January or February.

This painting is similar to one of my other field scenes from this trip.  They were located very close to each other and although they are similar, the colours have subtle coulour differences.  There is something amazing about browns and blues together.  I find  that i often catch myself in awe of this particular colour combination when i am driving and see landscapes of this colour.  This area located on the St-Lawrence sees all kinds of weather and i was amazed by the variety of cloud formations.  If only i had paid attention in grade 7 science class when we were studying them!

This spot was in Les Bergeronnes, past Tadoussac.  My friend Nicole and i camped right here and this was one of our views.  Memories of waking up to fresh misty and salty air, wild flowers, and singing birds fill my head when i think of this wonderful place.  This was definitely one of those places that makes you think -life is good - as you look around and take it all in!